Music speaks when words fail. Music is the language of emotions.  

On this page you will find songs I’ve come across over the years that I really resonated with. Some will inspire hope, happiness, freedom, or joy. Others may help connect you to your deeper range of emotions, to past or present hurts. If something comes up, no matter the emotion, allow yourself to feel it.

This will give you the feels. Beautiful song!
Song about just being yourself, and screw what everyone else thinks
Another feel good song about not trying to please everyone

Love this happy Hawaiian cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Blind Melon… Can’t go wrong with this classic!

Destress with this relaxing tune
Simple life

Motivational =]
Soulful, deep, perfect.
One of my favorite uplifting feel good songs-Great message!
Beautiful lyrics, voice, and message
Titanium cover by Demi Lovato
Live your life to the fullest

Feeling down, depressed, alone, or empty? 
You see flaws, I see beauty
Maybe you can relate? ((Awesome band!!))
Lithium… kinda self explanatory. Beautiful song.
Lzzy Hale from Halestorm and Lindsey Stirling, one of my favs!
Leave it to Christina and Demi for female empowerment!
Words can’t bring me down
Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground