What Nature Means to Me

Hiking around Tennessee

Some of my fondest memories growing up happened because my brother was in the Boy Scouts. He went to the meetings, earned the badges, raced the derby car, camped, roasted smor’es around the campfire and all that Boy Scout shit. Lucky for me, they were pretty inclusive of families. We got to be included on all the best stuff like the overnight camping trips! We became regulars and at one point I, yes a girl, earned a Boy Scout Badge – and I’m still super proud of that. =D

Going on these trips and various outings was were the start of my first relationship – with nature that is. I developed a deep love for, connection to, and appreciation of nature.

I loved watching the lightning bugs dance through the grass as they slowly rose up through the trees. I loved slipping away into dreamland to the peaceful chirps of of cicadas and crickets in the distance, and waking with the sun as I discover I’d been dewed on. The more time I spent in nature, the more I grew to love it. You really learn to appreciate it all, or at least most of it. I’m still not a fan of any stinging or biting insects or cave crickets, but I appreciate spiders that eat them. Finally, all that hype around gratitude is starting to make sense. You learn to fully appreciate the happy little trees that provide shade. The rocks and pebbles when you don’t have to trudge through mud with your nice tennis shoes on. You are grateful for that splendid breeze when you are drenched in sweat and basically dying. Crystal-clear streams that offer hydration, refreshment and cooling from the hot sun.

When you are trapped in your tent while the thunder shakes the ground beneath you and rain pours in through seams, you feel nature – you actually feel the power, the energy, and get not a glimpse of the force behind it all. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, droughts and monsoons are great examples of Mother Earth’s power and possibly even fury, ya know, Mother’s Nature’s wrath! By Mother Earth, I mean that powerful energy the Earth has, that goes deep into her belly. Makes me think of magma, thermal gases, hot springs and such. Earth is very much alive. If you struggling with something to be grateful for, be thankful for the sun! Feel it’s warmth, notice how it warms your skin, embrace that masculine energy, that fire, that feeds and provides for us all.

I feel blessed I was able to grow up with a positive model of how to be with nature, how to treat our Earth, and how to respectfully and responsibly enjoy it.

Nature is a part of me. I deeply respect Mother Nature. Nature is my church. It’s my home. It’s who I am; who I’ve always been. I’m also kinda goofy. That’s just me. 😂🤷‍♀️

So, it deeply offends me and very much pisses me off when I see people throw cigarettes out the car window, especially when it’s still lit. I can’t stand to see the whole large-sized pizza boxes or all the trash some of self-righteous, little shit’s drive-thru dinner.

PSA: THE EARTH IS NOT YOUR TRASH CAN. Sorry, but no, not sorry if this offends you. I sometimes wonder what it would take for someone to be so entitled, ignorant, or lazy that they must immediately throw trash out of a moving vehicle rather than wait however long it takes to get home or to the next stop to put it in an actual trash can. I use to think trust fund? But now I know that’s not the answer. Money doesn’t make anyone bad. If you’re good you do more good with more money. If you’re a selfish, coniving person already, well money isn’t likely to change that.

On another tangent/PSA, please don’t be that asshole group of the partying group of campers that leaves a ton of trash, makeshift toilets, used toilet paper piles, cigarettes butts, broken glass, shells/bullets, or any of that other crap behind when spending time in the great outdoors. Be kind and considerate of nature, wildlife and of others. Practice leave no trace principles. Many thanks.

All my love,

Laura ❤

And Mother Nature. I’ll be her voice, er.. fingertips.

I’d love to hear about any good memories you have growing up around the Great Outdoors.

What is a problem that affects the Earth that is near and dear to your heart? For me, single-use plastics are terrible. Also, all the chemicals pumped into our drinking water. Watch Down to Earth with Zac Efron if you want your mind blown a little, or a lot.

What changes can you make to reduce your footprint? Maybe switch from plastic water bottles and jugs to a reusable glass or stainless steel one, that’s super cute and looking at it gives you all the good feels? Ask the barista to fill your reusable mug instead of the plastic disposable one. Pass on the straw or get a reusable one. I have a silicone one that completely unlatches to make cleaning super quick and easy. Most also come with an adorable mini bristle brush.

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